Flushing & Cleaning

Flush only – Combination Flush & Vacuum - Remote Flush Access Units

These high velocity vacuum & power flush units can clean sanitary & storm sewer lines, effluent lines, oil grit separators, lift stations, and catch basins. Remote flushing units available for locations in ditches or walk trials.

In addition to our high-power flushing and vacuum systems, we also carry the necessary specialty tools for removal of root, grease, and encrustation buildup which may be found in pipes.

Cam-Trac is an approved vendor for Root X application which controls roots in sewers.


    Our Services

    Cam-Trac both inspects and cleans municipal, residential and trunk sewer mains. See more about what we do.

    Our Clients

    We serve a variety of clients in numerous industries. Here is just a sampling of the types of companies that we've helped in the past.