Our Services

Video (CCTV) Inspections

Cam-Trac uses push cameras, pan & tilt cameras, and straight ahead cameras with remote crawlers, to inspect municipal, residential, and trunk sewer mains. Cam-Trac also inspects river intakes and effluent lines. Where pipe sizes and lengths are unusual, we are willing to work with both the client and the camera manufacturer to complete the job.┬áRead more about CCTV Inspection Services…

Hydrovac & Flushing

Cam-Trac Inspection Services Ltd. utilizes combination sewer cleaners and hydro excavation units. These high velocity vacuum units are able to not only hydro-excavate but can also power flush and clean sanitary & storm sewer lines, effluent lines, lift stations, and catch basins.┬áRead more about Hydrovac and Flushing Services…

Our Services

Cam-Trac both inspects and cleans municipal, residential and trunk sewer mains. See more about what we do.

Our Clients

We serve a variety of clients in numerous industries. Here is just a sampling of the types of companies that we've helped in the past.