CCTV Inspections

Cam-Trac offers Mainline CCTV (PACP) and Flushing

Cam-Trac uses push cameras, pan & tilt cameras, and straight ahead cameras with remote crawlers, to inspect municipal, residential, and trunk sewer mains. Cam-Trac also inspects river intakes, effluent lines, wells, ventilation (pipes ducts shafts) air or water. Where pipe sizes and lengths are unusual, we are willing to work with both the client and the camera manufacturer to complete the job.

This allows us to inspect and clean ALL pipe networks, from mainline and street to property.


    Camera Technical Information

    • Clients can receive a Digital report of the inspection along with a hard copy of the inspection report on site
    • Clients can also access reports through our GIS website
    • Cameras are depth rated to 30 meters (100 feet) underwater
    • Push cameras for pipe 50-150mm (2-6 inch) can reach lengths of 60 meters (200 feet)
    • Crawlers have cable lengths up to 350 meters (1150 feet) when inspecting pipe 200 mm (8 inch) and up
    • Pan & Tilt cameras can be used in pipes 100 mm (4 inch) and up
    • Drop Cameras for well inspections

    Our Clients

    We serve a variety of clients in numerous industries. Here is just a sampling of the types of companies that we’ve helped in the past.